4-5PM EST on Wednesday April 22. See Live Meeting link and information at end of this blog post.

Green IT/Development/Architecture/SQL Professional DBA activities are a component of what has has been touted as the next Internet (check Juval Lowy's UTube media clip on the EnergyNet, of which Green IT/Dev/Architecture is a subset).  It presents huge opportunities and is a Hot Topic, in the midst of otherwise uncertain economic times.  Whether you work for a company, want to look better for your company, or want to go Entrepreneurial with the topic, you need to learn about this stuff!

Once the IT Pros and SQL Professionals/DBA's have done their Green IT "thing", it will be time for Developers and Architects to step in and do the heavy lifting--or even better yet, they should be conducting their Green Dev activities concurrently with the IT Pros.  The IT Pros and SQL Professionals can only manage the load they get as greenly as possible.  Only Developers and Architects can actually reduce the load to the data center.

Listening to an Earth Week program on PBS earlier this week from PlanetForward http://www.planetforward.com/, one of the participants kept bringing the panel back to the fact that energy conservation at the local level is relatively inexpensive and reduces the cost of providing energy hugely.  That is a good analogy to Green Development and Architecture (home conservation) compared to Data Centers (think power plants).

So Developers and Architects need to be gearing up and implementing Green Dev and Green Architecture practices NOW!!! And we need to get the community rocking to figure out what those are! 

Join in!  We will be starting to have swag each month for the Best Green Developer tip, the Best Green Development tool for the group to look at, and the Best Green Developer Case Study.
Repeat after me, Silverlight is greener than Ajax (fewer postbacks, thin client, etc.), is greener than... we need to fill in the blanks on these for all of the technologies we use and develop in.

From the high level (if someone was just getting into Development, what is the "Greenest" technology they could build in and why?  How do we figure that out and measure it?  How do those metrics change based on the specs of the application?)

In this Live Meeting, Join Presenter Kathy Malone, Green Guru, and Russ "Tool Shed" Fustino as he moderates and generates a discussion about what tools are out there, how they can be used, and what are the components of measuring the "greenness" of development methodologies.

For this meeting, we will do a short introduction to what Green Development/Architecture is, then will get right into the "Nuts and Bolts" of the topic. Time to roll up your sleeves and join us!
Hope to see you there!

Kathy Malone has worked in the Environmental, Health, and Safety (EH&S) technology space (the "plumbing" of Green and Sustainability) since 1976, especially in the automotive, aerospace, and hazardous waste management verticals. Her work has included projects in enterprise architecture, software design, build, and maintenance, and consulting. Much of her career she says that she has been an interpreter (and sometimes referee) between users and deveopers in the environmental, health and safety field.  Recently, she has been learning how the new Microsoft tools can be used to help with the Green and Sustainable issues that face us today, both as being part of the solutions, and to better track "conventional" Green activities. Earlier this year she started the Green .Net User's Group (GreeNTUG).

We will record this session as well in case you can not make the session live and should be available within 48 hours after the session. Here is the live meeting link info:

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