I published http://channel9.msdn.com/shows/toolshed/Show-Episode-2-Its-All-About-The-Tools-TV-Show/ today!

I would appreciate if you all can spread the word as it is entertaining, enlightening and educational and an attempt to build developer community online. It  includes content on:

· Demo 1 - VSTS DB Pro

· Demo 2 - SQL Reporting Services

· Demo 3 - Virtual PC

· Demo 4 - DotNetNuke and Web Installer

· Demo 5 - MSBuild Extensibility talking to Twitter by Guest Speaker Microsoft MVP, Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi

It also features our own DPE East Brian Johnson doing the developer community wrap-up at the end. He talks about community megaphone, channel 9, devfish, MSDN events, MSDN Flash, BizSpark, Dream Spark, MVPs, SQL Saturday, Road Shows and how we will be giving away Windows 7 RC at upcoming developer community events and more. He did a great job.

For best quality, download the WMV High Def. It’s about 1 gig. I put instructions in the post above for new channel 9 viewers about that as well as I found many did not know there was a dropdown under the player for all of the different formats from high def down to Zune when I did Episode 1. The High Def WMV download is very crisp and clear at full screen.

I’ve tremendously enjoyed working with all of the MVP’s involved in this effort.  They include Carl Franklin, Stan Schultes, Jason Beres (Episode 1), Sayed Ibrahim Hashimi (Episode 2) and Jessica Moss (Episode 3 to be filmed this weekend). They are all awesome.

I also have resources for all of the tools and developer community events and programs discussed on the TV Show  at http://channel9.msdn.com/toolshed and all of the power points, demo code and demo scripts on Http://code.msdn.com/toolshed .

Content suggestions welcome. Here is my list for Episode 3…

Expression Blend 3.0 Preview SketchFlow – Russ

Live services – Live ID – Russ

IE8 Dev tools – Stan

Live Writer – Stan

SSIS Data Profiling – Jessica Moss

If time…

Debugging Tips and tricks  - Russ

CodePlex VS Snippet Manager Add-in - Stan

Thanks! Let me know what you think! I value your input.

Make some popcorn and enjoy!

Russ Fustino

Microsoft Developer Evangelist

Remember, you have to know the code to get in the shed. KNOW THE CODE!