Tuesday June 23  5:30 at the offices of Infinite Energy, 7001 SW 24th Ave, Gainesville, FL - (352) 331-1654 (Please enter building# 6901 through the east parking lot):

Silver Arcade is a community dedicated to free online games built with the Silverlight platform. The community is supported by a web application built with the MVC Framework, Silverlight, NHibernate, MEF, Windows Azure, jQuery, xVal, log4Net and Textile. While implementing Silver Arcade a variety of interesting architecture decisions were made. In this talk, we will drill into the code base of a real application and examine topics such as:

* Data Access through advanced use of an ORM
* How Business Rules defined in one place can be verified on client and server

* Messaging and Asynchronous processing of events
* Solid patterns for MVC development

* How IoC and SoC can influence an architecture
* Modern client-side techniques with MVC and jQuery