This will be the final blog post at .. from here on in, blog posts will be at as soon as I get the portal setup. Do not reply to this post as I will not get the  email at my old Microsoft email address..  but instead send to…

My new email is:

Hi Friends, it has been an incredible run the past 12 years. The best job in the world. Today is my last day at Microsoft as I am pursing other opportunities… I will be celebrating a ‘Fresh Start’ Celebration on Nov 25, Wednesday before Thanksgiving…, the biggest party night of the year…. At Club Bourbon Street in New Port Richey at 8pm. Please join me and feel free to pass the invite on to influential’s, MVP’s, RD’s and friends and customers.  If interested in attending, email me at my new email address

Cell 727-207-9254

Wow. What can I say but thanks for incredible memories and many strong friendships. I plan on still working closely with many of you with some great community and online ideas I have, so our paths may cross before you know it. will be my portal after I develop it.

Total Tool shed video views will soon exceed 400,000. I have just released my final Microsoft Tool Shed Video, Episode 5 – It’s All About The Tools TV Show along with MVP and co-host Stan Schultes.  I have something special in the credits as a dedication to the Developer Community and thanks for attendance and more importantly thanks for being a friend. Raw Link:

Please pass the link on.


Take Care, I wish you all the best and God Bless,

Russ, Rusty, The Toolman, The Toolshed, The Russtang, Russell, Russell Anthony Fustino (when my Mom was mad me). Finally Russ, of Bob and Larry.

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