I do! I really really hate blogs, not least because: 

  1. I work for Microsoft but I rarely get to know about things internally first these days coz someone blogged it already
  2. The guys I work with (like Eric) spill the beans on sessions we're doing before we've done them... where's the fun in that?
  3. Even the projects I've been leading get written up and first blogged about by others like that nasty piece of work... Tim Sneath (bet he's never ever been called that before!)  :-)
  4. My friends (and wife... love you Viv!) occassionally find my blog and think what a boring bloke I am if that is all I can find to write about!

So this is it... the comeback... (roll the Rocky music!)... the start of blog 2.0... the first with the inside news... the first to spill the beans on what my colleagues are doing... the place to see what a fun and exciting bloke I really am... honest :-)

or you can come and find out for yourself... check out The Architect Insight Conference if you haven't already... we still have a couple of spaces left and not all the secrets are out of the bag for our session yet!