Go ahead. Hate me. Everyone at work I have talked to about our ski trip hates me. 3 feet of snow last week is why. 3 feet of fluffy, soft, beautiful and very forgiving Utah powder over the course of the week.

We arrived Friday night and skiied Deer Valley both Saturday and Sunday. DV has fabulous food. I highly recommend the French Toast for breakfast and the pie for dessert at lunch. My Saturday pie was blueberry and Sunday's was cherry. We skiied Perserverance Bowl and the bump runs next to it on Sunday and had them pretty much to ourselves. Monday we skiied Alta, my first time there. I liked the variety. My wife is a 50/50 blue/black skiier and I like to ski as many blacks as I can. We were able to stay pretty close together and have fun. Tuesday we took off because we Snowbird was on the agenda for Wednesday and we didn't want that to be 5 days in a row.

Snowbird on Wednesday was the most fun of the week. We skiied Mineral Basin which is wide open and challenging and had about a foot of new snow over the previous few days. It was great. I had been there last year and could barely handle it. This year I just skiied it all day long. And of course discovered my current limitations (I lean too far back and don't have a balanced stance, so I am not pole planting forward and also not using my edges to turn).

Thursday was an off-day due to the blizzard-like conditions. We went back to Snowbird on Friday to ski the new 15” of snow. Mineral Basin had been closed on Thursday and didn't open until 11:00. We were there at 11:05 and by 11:30 it was totally skiied out with no freshies to be found. It was harder than on Wednesday but still tremendous fun. I fell several times. <vbg> Happily I did not lose a ski, although I did have my pole crack in half just before the last run of the day.

Saturday, my wife and I made a game-time decision to not ski, although we did have lunch at Deer Valley (apple pie this time). Sunday we came home. We have done this trip for 7 or 8 years now. Usually there is no new snow and lots of sunshine. This year was the opposite. Don't hate me because I'm lucky to have been there!