The .NET Developer Association meets on campus 3 Mondays a month. There is a monthly General meeting, a monthly Web meeting and an alternating Beginner/Database meeting. The group used to be a VB user group but changed to a .NET user group awhile back.

Starting March 22 there will now be a VB meeting on the 4th Monday of each month, with yours truly as the leader. This gives us an opportunity to focus on VB topics each month and should be a lot of fun. Our first meeting features Elizabeth Newman, a Software Developer in Test on the VB team, showing us ClickOnce deployment and also Amanda Silver, a Program Manager on the VB team, diving into advanced IDE and language features in Whidbey.

I haven't quite figured out the April and beyond meetings but that should be done this week.

For those of you in the Seattle area, come on and join us for the VB meeting (and the other ones too of course). Monday's General Meeting is Bill Vaughn on using CLR assemblies in stored procedures and UDTs in Yukon.

NETDA is at