This morning, I posted What's in a name? where I discussed the new announced name for Visual Studio. I mentioned that we had been asked what to call ASP.NET “Whidbey“. I said I would ask the ASP team and report back. 10 minutes later I got the answer. Now what? Do I edit the 10 minute old post with the correct info? Or do I do a new post?

Is editing the original post okay? I know Web sites edit their online stories all the time when they get new info or need to clarify something. Should I treat my blog entries like online stories? Or is a blog more a historical record of what I said and you shouldn't change that history. You should amend.

But given that the original post was 10 minutes old, I bet nobody had read it yet, so editing it shouldn't have mattered, right? Plus, you now come into my blog and the first thing you see is this message asking what should I have done about posts you haven't read yet? And then you read the correction to the original post, which you also haven't read yet.

How should this work? You tell me.