When I am at work I mostly listen to

  • Groove Salad on ITunes Radio (Occasionally gets a little too slow but generally quite good.)
  • Thumpradio (House, Trance, Psychadelic, etc. Great for Friday afternoon. Nothing like a mix party in your office.)
  • Groovefactory (House, Trance, Psychadelic, etc)
  • Liquid Lounge on Radio Free Virgin (I listen in spurts because lots of the music is old and they don't seem to update their playlists that often.)
  • KEXP.org (John in the Morning and Amanda Wilde. Check them out on the Archives or live.)
  • Mariners and Red Sox games at mlb.com (although now I guess I can listen to them on MSN Premium. Wonder what the employee discount is! :))

Those are my favs. Your turn!