The VB World Tour is well under way. We have already visited user groups in Portland OR and Pleasanton CA. The rest of the schedule right now is (note, edited on 4/23 for accuracy)

  • Waltham 4/14 (Steven Lees and Amanda Silver)
  • New York 4/15 (Steven Lees and Amanda Silver)
  • Louisville 4/20 (Jay Schmelzer and Paul Vick)
  • Chicago 4/21 (Jay Schmelzer and Paul Vick)
  • Philadelphia 4/21 (Sean Draine and Joe Binder)
  • Denver 4/26 (Paul Yuknewicz and Jay Roxe)
  • Long Beach 4/27 (Sean Draine and Jay Roxe)
  • Dallas 5/13 (Steve Lasker and Eric Gruber)
  • Oklahoma City 5/14 (Steve Lasker and Eric Gruber)
  • Northern NJ 6/8 (Joe Binder and tbd)
  • Albany 6/9 (Joe Binder and tbd)

The first part of the evening is based on VB 2003 with a preview of some cool user controls we will be shipping soon and also cool Tablet PC and Visual Studio Tools for Office demos. The second part of the evening is all VB 2005.

We hope to see you there!!

The Visual Basic team is starting a user group tour that will visit more than a dozen user groups in the US.