Check out the VB Dev Center Community page. Duncan and I have spend a lot of time lately talking about this page and what we can do to make it more of a community page. The ultimate goal is to make this page more of a community portal, a front door to what's happening in the VB community. Sites like and serve this purpose. Without going off and creating a separate site we want to bring this to the VB Dev Center.

Yesterday we updated the Community page and have taken the first steps to where we want to be. The Community page headlines today list upcoming 3rd party conferences (VSLive, VSConnections, .NET Advisor Live) that the VB team and other VB luminaries will be speaking at. Also on the page are links to VB articles on various VB sites. And we also have links to VB videos and Webcasts featuring VB team members.

In the next week we'll be adding a more comprehensive list of VB bloggers and VB sites. We'll be refreshing the list of articles on a weekly basis. We'll have a feed from this blog. The cool thing about that is I can add a blog entry about something interesting I read in somebody else's blog, a new or old article I ran across, or news about who is appearing at what user group and it will automatically appear on the VB Community page. That lets me keep the page up to date and changing without having to edit the actual page. This by the way, is already done with Duncan's blog on the VB Dev Center page.

Over the course of the next several months we will introduce user submitted article links, which and have already. We will have feeds from the MSDN Product Feedback Center (top VB bugs and suggestions). We'll be looking into listing top newsgroup postings from not only the Microsoft newsgroups, but also forums on vbCity and other sites. And in the longer term we have other ideas which right now are top secret.

What do you think of these ideas? What do you want to see on the VB Community page? Let me know.