The Windows Forms team is having a contest to see who can enter the most bugs related to Windows Forms, Windows Forms controls or ClickOnce deployment.  Check out for official rules.

To get credit for a bug, you must enter it on the MSDN Product Feedback Center and be the first person to enter it. And of course it needs to be reproducable. And it needs to be something we can either fix or postpone in Whidbey. So suggestions don't count. And neither do bugs that get resolved Won't Fix.

It doesn't matter what language you use. And it doesn't matter when you enter the bug if you choose Windows Forms as the technology or if you choose VB or C# as the Technology and Windows Forms as the category. The PFC is smart enough to route WinForms and ClickOnce bugs to the Client team.

There are monthly prizes for most bugs. The contest runs through the end of May. I am one of the judges. Hope to see you entered!