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March, 2005

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About Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

As a member of the Outlook product team, I have a unique perspective on the Outlook platform and the inner-workings of the Outlook object model.  On this blog, I will attempt to share these perspectives and provide information on how to integrate with Outlook and how to take advantage of the platform to build powerful and richly integrated solutions.

From time to time I may have guest bloggers as well.  These posts will be clearly identified with the source of the information and reference to the guest blogger.

  • Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

    The obligatory hello world post

    I've probably spent entirelly too many bits welcoming myself to the MSDN blogging community. However I hope to earn back these all these bits by providing the developer community with information about using the Outlook platform effectively and when the right time comes providing information about the new object model features in the next release....
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