May, 2006

  • Ryan's OneDrive Developer Blog

    Outlook on MSDN TV

    A couple of weeks ago Randy and I were filmed discussing what’s new in the Outlook object model and extensibility for MSDN TV. Aside from a high level introduction to new features in Outlook 2007, we also drill down into our demo applications and show...
  • Ryan's OneDrive Developer Blog

    Outlook & MIX06

    If you didn't get a chance to see it live, the MIX06 sessions are all available online now. Christin Boyd presented an excellent demo to an EBay add-in built on top of Outlook using form regions. The add-in provides a pretty rich Outlook integration that...
  • Ryan's OneDrive Developer Blog

    More on Custom Forms...

    Adam asked some great questions on my last post about custom forms and Outlook, and I thought I'd provide direct answers for these questions in another post for everyone to benefit from. I encourage anyone who is interested in the platform to post comments...
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