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June, 2006

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About Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

As a member of the Outlook product team, I have a unique perspective on the Outlook platform and the inner-workings of the Outlook object model.  On this blog, I will attempt to share these perspectives and provide information on how to integrate with Outlook and how to take advantage of the platform to build powerful and richly integrated solutions.

From time to time I may have guest bloggers as well.  These posts will be clearly identified with the source of the information and reference to the guest blogger.

  • Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

    Outlook Shutdown and COM Add-ins

    Depending on how familiar you are with Outlook development, you may have seen previous versions of Outlook occasionally had a problem shutting down. Often there could be a catch-22 situation, where the add-in was waiting to hear from Outlook that it should...
  • Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

    Updated Developer Help

    Are you developing a solution using Outlook 2007 beta 2, but frustrated by the lack of available documentation in the developers reference? I've got a deal for you then. We've recently posted updated developer content for the beta 2 release , with a bunch...
  • Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

    New articles and more

    If you've been watching the Outlook developer portal recently, as of last Friday you noticed some new technical articles went live. My first MSDN article, " Code Security Changes in Outlook 2007 " went live. This document discusses some of the changes...
  • Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

    What’s New for Developers

    Randy’s article, “ What’s New for Developers in Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 ” was just published over on MSDN. The article includes our first downloadable sample code for beta 2, which includes the “what’s new” add-in, a collection of sample code snippets...
  • Ryan's Look at Outlook Programmability

    Office 2007 Beta 2

    So I’m a little late to the party here, but as you may have noticed a few weeks ago Office Beta 2 was released. The bits are available for download or on CD by registering on the Office 2007 Preview website . I would strongly encourage all the ISVs and...
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