OK, so this might be a bit off-topic from my regular blog posts, but since I am working on the Internet mail experience for the next release of Outlook, I wanted to hear from some of you about your experiences using our Internet mail account types (POP and IMAP).

In Outlook 2007, we did some improvements to make these account types work better.  For example, in IMAP we now allow you to configure your Sent Items folder to actually live on the IMAP server instead of in a local PST file.

Back to the questions however:

  • How could we improve your experience using Outlook for Internet mail?
  • What do other clients do that you'd like to see Outlook do?
  • Do you use Outlook on more than one computer with your Internet accounts?

Of course, if you have other suggestions or comments you'd like to add about our Internet mail support, then you can add those to the comments as well.  I'll make sure to read them all and reply as approriate.