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  • Blog Post: Why are you still using ECEs?

    Stephen Griffin is asking this question over on his blog . If you're using Exchange Client Extensions and haven't been able to port your solution over to an add-in (for a reason other than budget concerns or legacy support), now would be a good time to chime in and let him know why.
  • Blog Post: Beta 2 Technical Refresh

    I'm always late on posting these announcements, but as of Sept 9, the B2TR release of Office 2007 is available on the MS download site. B2TR is available only as a patch to Office 2007 beta 2, so if you already have that installed don't start uninstalling it yet. If you haven't downloaded Office 2007...
  • Blog Post: Third Party Add-ins and Outlook 2007

    While we spend a great deal of time and effort to ensure that the Outlook platform is 100% backwards compatible with previous versions of Outlook, occasionally add-ins do something unexpected, or use the platform in an unexpected or undocumented way. These add-ins can misbehave and cause problems when...
  • Blog Post: Nearly a Month

    It's been nearly a month since my previous post about the shutdown fixes for Outlook 2007, and I should appologies for not having anything useful to add to the blog today. However, I've been busy working on content for a new book on Outlook programmability that will be coming out eventually . In the...
  • Blog Post: What’s new in Outlook ‘12’ Extensibility

    Phew... things have been amazingly busy since I posted about PDC last month. We've been pushing to get the new extensibility improvements ready for Beta 1 which is getting very close now. I've been rather quiet, but I promise it was for a very good reason. Last month at PDC05 we revealed the first...
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