I recently read the Bill Gates keynote from WinHEC and I have a few thoughts:

1.   Personally, I think Bill is a phenomenal speaker and presenter. I know many would disagree. His style is pretty subdued, yet every time I've seen him speak I always really enjoyed it. From reading this recent keynote though, it seems like he's all over the map. CLR, Longhorn, Palladium, Windows CE, etc., etc., etc. Although it makes sense considering how broad of a conference WinHEC is, I have to think that it was not one of his best keynotes.    

2.   The XML buzzword is in this talk. I have no problem with XML, yet I wonder why do we have to keep making a big deal out of storing information as XML? People have been doing this for years now and we know that MS has completely gone the way of XML. I don't need to be reminded that every product that's produced out of Redmond consumes, produces, eats, drinks, and sleeps XML.    

3.   I've been a Software Architect in my career, and in my activities as the director of a software development organization and in my writing and speaking work, I do a lot that deals with architecture at various levels. Bill Gates is a "Chief Software Architect". What does he do exactly in that role? At what level does he get involved in the architecture of software that Microsoft ends up shipping to customers? I'm extremely curious about this. If any of my Microsoft friends want to comment anonymously on this subject, please drop me an e-mail. I promise to keep quiet. :)