Check out this letter to the editor at CNET regarding the IP issues swirling in the Linux world.  It looks like the rhetoric is really heating up between the Microsoft and Linux user communities.  I had a conversation with an associate from Microsoft earlier this week, and he talked about this "free" software mindset and what he hears from the customers he comes in contact with (typically large enterprise customers in the Midwest).  He was amazed by the perception of so many of customers, mainly that Linux is free.  To me, that perception ranks right up there with Java being a superior development environment because it doesn't lock you into a platform (anyone who thinks that's true has never had to deal with the world of J2EE app servers).  Personally, I hope that these IP issues get resolved quickly and that the debates become more centered on the technologies as opposed to the legal issues.  I had enough of those debates during the heyday of the Microsoft anti-trust case.