I've been planning to blog the Gnomedex conference, but some connectivity issues and a busy schedule have made it difficult to do so. I've met Brad Wilson (.NET Guy) and Eric Sink of SourceGear (and http://notalegend.com), and have had some great conversations in the halls with other speakers and attendees. I've also met some really great "personal" bloggers as well.

I have tons of notes that I want to write up as blog entries, but for now I'm going to just include some quick thoughts about yesterday's sessions and some quotes from some of the speakers. I'll get some more detailed information up later today hopefully.

Nelson Minar, Google- Talked about the philosophy of Google, provided a break down of how a Google search works, and talked a lot about how Google is running its ad-related businesses. Very interesting talk, and Nelson is very personable and easy to talk with when you meet him.

Eric Sink, SourceGear- Eric gave a great talk on his experiences as a software development company CEO. He provided an overview of .NET and talked about what it was like to build a shrink-wrapped software product using beta software, starting with .NET beta 2. Quote of the day for him- programmers are "fussy, expensive, and uncooperative."

Rob Malda (aka CmdrTaco), Slashdot- Rob's talk was the most fun I had all day, tons of laughs. He doesn't take himself very seriously, but he has a lot of interesting things to say. He doesn't have any "filter"- whatever comes into his mind comes out of his mouth. Now for the quotes from Rob that had me laughing. "I ramble...", "Slashdot is a beautiful and unique snowflake.", "There are Windows boxes in our office, and they do a great job, of playing Warcraft III...", "OSDN (Open Source Developers Network)- a name obviously thought up by people in a boardroom, not people with heart.", and my personal favorite, "I'll freely admit that I have no integrity...".

The conference is great, and as Chris said before it started, the best stuff is happening in the halls and after the sesssions. More to come.