This talk isn't flowing at all like Tim's was, so I'll just bullet some of the main talking points and comment at the end:

- Hardware glut continues, software bloat not keeping up with hardware;

- Trends that are unfolding- wireless, weblogs, digital photography, cell phones, etc. etc. etc.;

- Digital photography is "the best thing there is going on";

- Wireless, or "free lunch networks", are popping up all over and enabling people to easily access the web (see;

- Spam is a big problem (ed. note: really???);

-Weblogs are growing, lots of systems, RSS is interesting but confusing, lots of different blogging styles;

- Cell phones blurb.

The talk was disjointed and had an extemporaneous feel to it. It was also funny for the most part. The talk was a lot like John's writing style. Someone referred to John as the "Andy Rooney of technology". I agree.