I recenty set up a new weblog, hosted on the SixApart product TypePad.  The purpose of this new weblog is simple- I'd like to have a place to post more on matters unrelated to Microsoft development technologies.  I'd like to make my asp.net weblog more of a hardcore technology site, and plan to start writing a lot of articles for the community's consumption when Yukon hits a public beta (Beta 2 perhaps), and in the not-so-distant future perhaps some Longhorn content as well.  For my "fun" posts, thoughts on economics, and commentary on next year's political seaon my TypePad weblog will be my site of choice.  I still plan to post to this blog as often as possible, and will try to keep my cross-posting to a minimum.  In the meantime, if you've found this blog to be useful or interesting, then consider subscribing to my TypePad weblog as well.

Also, thanks again to Scott for providing this great weblogging service.  .Text has been great and this community is improving every day.