has a story on a security researcher that was released by his employer @Stake, a consulting company that does work for Microsoft, after contributing to a report that criticized Microsoft.  Specifically, the report criticized the security of Microsoft products and cited an alleged monopoly as being bad for our national computing infrastructure and creating a significant risk. 

First, a disclaimer.  I haven't read the report cited and I don't know all of the details of this story.  Also, the article cites some sources that imply that Microsoft is directly behind this firing.  I don't support that theory and I believe that it is irresponsible speculation.  However, if this person was fired after contributing to a report that sounds like it has a reasonable thesis because that thesis is controversial, I think that should be a concern.  I am a supporter of Microsoft and avid user of many Microsoft products and development tools, but they have to continue to work hard as a company to make sure that platform is reliable and secure.  In a recent Microsoft survey that I participated in on behalf of my company, I cited security and reliability of products as the major concern that I have as a customer.  Let's not silence this kind of criticism, I think this type of analysis is an important factor that helps motivate Microsoft to work on improving their products.