Presenter- Rob Relyea, Lead Program Manager

Rob is providing an overview of "Xaml" declarative programming model and how this ties into the Longhorn model. Carl covered this earlier today. The presentation framework for Avalon, currently under the MSAvalon namespace (will move to System.Windows), is being discussed along with the PresentationCore dll. PresentationCore is "low level" and most developers won't need to touch it according to Rob. Why do I think that's first place I'm headed once I get the bits installed? A sample application to render the PDC session data is being shown in VS.NET. The most compelling part of the presentation was the document management and rendering features available. One bummer here- the intellisense shown by Rob while walking through code won't work with the current bits. A patch will be released to enable this within a few weeks.

One thing about the Xaml walk through that didn't resonate with me was the "data binding" feature set. Every time I think of data binding, I think "less control, worse performance". Maybe it is just me. Anyway, the Xaml applications seem very cool if implemented in the correct way. My first reaction is that it brings the power that we've had to some extent with ASP.NET to forms-based applications. But it is actually much, much more. There is much more to cover here, and I'll try to post my "end of day thoughts" on Avalon.