I've been thrilled to meet so many people at the PDC. It started off a bit slow, but gradually I've bumped into a lot of great people. In the past hour, I've bumped into two. First, I bumped into DonXML earlier. We have talked extensively about the BoF session, Avalon and about his work on an open source XML-based UI framework. What a great guy, it was a real pleasure to meet him. I had talked with him the other day briefly, and I hope to talk with him more of him before the conference ends. I'm going to try to catch up with him and some of the other bloggers later tonight. The next person that I ran into was Miguel. He and I had interacted online before in relation to an article about cross-platform CLI implementations, but it was nice to bump into him in person. He was extraordinarily pleasant to talk with. There are a bunch of folks that were at the BoF the other night, and also some that weren't that I hope to catch before midday tomorrow. Maybe I'll see them tonight at the event.