I have a couple of questions regarding managing this weblog and I'd appreciate any input or suggestions.

1.    Is there any way to integrate my OPML data with .Text, so I can update my links and sync up with my NewsGator subscriptions data?

2.    I use NewsGator (most of the time) as my posting client to this .Text site, using the most up to date plug-in available.  I don't think that plug-in supports pings to weblogs.com.  If that is in fact correct, any suggestions on how to ping weblogs.com while still using this client?  I'm trying to avoid writing something to do this if I can, and I still want to use NewsGator for posting.  I'm looking for the path of least resistance on this one.

Also, I like .Text and NewsGator and don't plan to switch to any other tools at this time.  So, suggestions to change tools won't really help me too much, although I'll certainly take them into account if I do change in the future.