Where do you do your best work?  Home office?  Starbucks?  Always changing?  What about that/those location(s) makes your little gray cells turn better?


Scott Hanselman asks a question about where are you most productive?  My answer is always the same- on the road.  I feel like I can often get more done in a hotel room or on an airplane that I can ever accomplish at home.  The main reason is fewer distractions.  At the office, there are always meetings and other things going on that pull me off course.  Everyone that works with me knows that I can go through fits of being unreliable, showing up late for meetings, and generally being difficult to find when things get really busy.  When things settle down and get organized, you can find me at my desk plugging away.  At home, my "good" distractions of spending time with family and relaxing while watching TV or playing the X-Box come into play.  That makes it hard to be productive there, at least on a consistent basis.  Unfortunately, when things get busy that is really the time that I need to go heads down and get things done.