As Robert posted recently, he and I have had a number of discussions about writing a Longhorn book and there is quite a bit of interest from some of the major publishers.  I've been pretty surprised at how well some of the ideas have been received.  And while it may seem early to be talking about this kind of project, publishers have a lot of work to do to start planning their coverage of the technology topics for Longhorn.  And similar to the release of the .NET Framework and Visual Studio .NET, there will be many new books to cover all of the various technologies that are part of Longhorn.  There were a couple of comments directed to Robert on the length of a technology book.  It seems that people prefer a smaller, more narrowly focused book as opposed to a 1,000 page tome that would be impossible to read for most (and probably not worth it anyway). 

So far, the feedback has pretty positive on the idea of blogging the book as well.  Posting book chapters online is nothing new, but the idea of blogging the book and really leveraging the interactive nature of weblog conversations to improve the content is one that Robert and I are both interested in.  With a couple of years to go before we hit the "Longhorn wave", I think there is plenty of time to do this project the right way.  I'm looking forward to seeing some of the progress on the developer books that will be coming out next year.  That should be a good indicator of the type of content we can expect for Longhorn.  Along with the innovations in the OS, it would be great to see some kind of innovation on the technology publishing side as well.  I'm looking forward to talking to more authors and publishers to see what they're going to be doing.