I've been spending time this week with an exciting piece of software related to the digital imaging industry.  The software is made by Kodak, and is targeted at photo processing labs that do significant volumes of digital photo production.  So I thought I'd write a little bit about this product, called DP2.  It has a very interesting architecture and is the kind of system that a software developer can really appreciate.  It isn't perfect, and there are a lot of things that can be improved in the product, but it is a very interesting and feature rich system.  So I decided to google for some links that I could share to give people more information on the product, and I came up with this one.  It isn't the only one I found, but it may be the best.  And it is nearly two years old. 

So that leads me to wonder, how can a huge company like Kodak that has made a huge impact on the whole photographic industry (although not as much in recent years) not have any decent information on the web, essentially having no effective web presence at all.  Their software products are pretty damned interesting, yet most people will never learn about them.  And the product that I'm referring to is not only useful for photo processing, it also provides extensive support for image processing functions and management of digital image assets.  It could be used in a variety of ways, including applications with imaging intenstive requirements.  And the price is pretty reasonable too.  But you'll probably never be able to confirm that because Kodak's web site is so terrible.  It is no wonder that Kodak is struggling so much.  It is a shame to see such great engineering go unnoticed.