I haven't had the time to update for a while, but there are good reasons. First, the CLRSQL site is getting ready to undergo some major changes. While I've started by pointing to some decent Yukon content and posting some original content, I'm still in discussions with a few bright and energetic folks about collaboration on the site. Its going to take more than just my attention to make it great, and once the public Yukon beta hits the site SHOULD be great. We're talking about changing the direction of the content, and perhaps even hosting some more weblogs there. The .Text platform is definitely under consideration. It should be interesting. The main reason I've been quiet is that there are some big things hitting my radar right now, and there are some big decisions I'm going to have to make in the coming days. When things firm up and decisions are made, I'll drop an announcement. Until then, I'll be doing more reading than posting.