Mike G., a person I respect tremendously, slams Scoble for his comments on the Longhorn UI. I think I'm somewhere in the middle of this discussion. While I do tire a little of all of this Longhorn UI discussion, I do think that the big breakthroughs in computing over the next five years are going to come in the ways we interact with them. The average user may benefit tremendously from UI improvements, provided that they're about more than just looking "cool". When I went to Redmond last October, there were some interesting things that I saw coming out of MSR that relate to improving the UI to accomodate for much larger monitors (wall-sized). To me, that will make a positive difference in the way people interact with the computer in the future. So while its not useful today and doesn't resolve some of my current pain, I assume that MS is continuing to invest in resolving those issues while innovating in user interaction and UI design.