I read Scoble's post on IE, and I was struck by his comment that only 15% of his internet usage was centered around the browser. That's interesting, and certainly different than my usage. However, I have reduced my RSS feeds down to around 100 over the past few months- I just can't keep up with 400 feeds anymore. I can't imagine reading over 900.

Anyway, my question for Robert is this. Where are all the smart client applications? He and I discussed this at the last PDC extensively, and with .NET we've been talking about this in the development community for quite some time. Even so, it seems that the smart clients have been slow to proliferate. Most of the web-based applications that I've seen are browser-based or involve the presentation of "browser-style" content. Smart client seems to be more of a buzzword than a real phenomenon- and not for technical reasons. The developers just aren't delivering the apps based on what I'm seeing. Am I wrong?