So when I asked about smart client applications, I thought that I'd learn something new or find out about some great new tools. Sadly, I really didn't. Scoble points to a bunch of aggregator-style applications, and the comments didn't really point out the types of examples that I would expect to see. I KNOW what a smart client is- show me one that would help me to do something better than I can do it today. News aggregators shouldn't really count, because as Robert points out they're already implemented in web browsers today and they work very well.

Where is the smart client for shopping on Amazon? Where is my smart client for managing my eBay auctions? Why isn't Windows Media Player moving to a smart client architecture, merging content services with core media player services? How about my program for personal finance management? (no, I'm not using MS Money yet) Other than iPodder, I'm not really seeing any new smart client applications that would help me.