I'm a pretty organized person by nature, but over the past few months the number of things on my plate (work at MS, charity work, writing a book, new baby coming in early January) has really forced me to rethink my approach to organizing my information. I'm getting about 400 e-mails a day, I have about 10 tasks on any given day and about 5-10 appointments, I'm reading nearly 150 weblogs (I pared the list down from nearly 500), and I have about 750 traditional bookmarks, of those I need to visit about 50 a day. The web-based information is one problem area, and I'm optimistic that coming search improvements will help me solve that one in the near future. For now, where I need the most help is with the Outlook-based information.

I read Scoble's account of a David Allen seminar a while back, and I know that Allen offers a tool/system called Getting Things Done. I also recently met Roger Merrill and he briefly talked about the FranklinCovey offerings. I also read a link somewhere about a tool called ClearContext. I'm not sure what kind of tool to try, so I thought I'd ask the readers for input. Here is what I'm looking for:

  1. A tool that is integrated with Outlook, that gives me "better" views into my appointments, tasks, and helps me to organize my mail.
  2. Something that understands how to track tasks against a broader project or goal.
  3. A tool that lets me install and make use of my existing information without having to enter too much additional data.
  4. Something that will let me uninstall someday if I have to. Because of our dogfooding practices, I need to make sure that I can uninstall this tool if it doesn't work with a new version of Office in the future.

So, any suggestions? I'll promise to look at every single suggestion, and if I find something new that works well I'd be happy to write up my comments.