So tonight, without even realizing it, I made my 300th post. In looking back over the past 18 months, 300 posts isn't that many, but it is a start. And when I look at my archives, I'm proud of some of what I blogged about (I think I'm still the only person to have blogged from one of Microsoft's CIO Summits). I also want to thank people like Scott W. for providing the software and the opportunity (I started on ASP.NET weblogs before I was a MS employee), Brad Wilson for encouraging me to give it a shot, and Scoble for advice on blogging and for sending over a few visitors (ok, more than a few).

On the other hand, I have much more to do and many ways to improve. So I've decided to make some blogging resolutions for the next 100 posts:

  1. More technical- I owe the readers more technical content. I've started to post a few things on SQL Server 2005, but I also owe them content on things like BizTalk, SharePoint, and other interesting server products. I'm going to make a point to make one post a week on these products.
  2. Better links- I'm going to try to link more often to interesting people at MS. There are MANY folks with much more to say than me, and I should point people in the direction of some of our brightest minds on our great product teams. I'll do so once per week.
  3. A post per day- in order to gain readers and provide value, I should be more consistent. To that end, unless I'm out of town or otherwise unavailable, I'm going to start posting once per day. It may just be a link, or a brief comment, but I need to make sure that I stay consistent and keep writing.

If there is anything else that people want to see on this weblog, please don't hesitate to let me know. I'm definitely interested in hearing your thoughts.