I've decided to start posting to this blog again with a new focus. I've been blogging for a while here, and I don't plan to change that. However I am interested in doing some more Microsoft-centric blogging on enterprise software architectures and the convergence with lightweight Web-based application development techniques. Think of the opportunities in the enterprise for lightweight integration (e.g. mash-ups) that are more focused on short-term productivity gains and leveraging multiple systems as opposed to long-term software and systems investments with lengthy life cycles and real challenges with adaptability and maintainability. In short, I think Enterprises have a lot to learn from the Web.

Many people are working on this concept, both inside and outside of Microsoft, and the results of those efforts should surface through SPARK and some other initiatives. My goal is to apply my observations in working with enterprises on a daily basis and to add something to this discussion. Let's see where it goes.