John Westworth has posted about the Office Business Applications and Developer Portal and also talks a bit about LOBi, a set of services designed to make Office a better platform for business application integration. When it comes to LOBi, there are some interesting architectural implications to how you consider designing and building business applications that leverage Office as a front-end client.

While most service oriented systems/architectures focus on a core system or set of systems and the services that those systems need to expose, a LOBi-centric architecture will focus more on how those services might be consumed by the Office client and focus on how to design for optimal integration into the Office system tools. As companies other than Microsoft sign on to support LOBi, their approach to exposing services in their applications and their thinking about how to support clients like Office will likely shift in a significant way.

I'm looking forward to seeing more from our blogs on how LOBi will change the way people build applications based on Office, how customers using IBF will embrace LOBi, and what companies outside of Microsoft embrace the platform.