People that are looking at MOSS and extending SharePoint to support social networking within their enterprise often look to the SharePoint My Site and people search within MOSS and compare it to Knowledge Network. So how do you really compare the two to understand which is best to meet your goals.

From the Knowledge Network blog last year: "Your MOSS My Site enables you to list your Colleagues and Office 2007 even provides a tool that suggests colleagues based on mining that information from email, IM, and DL memberships. KN provides a much more extensive Colleague recommendation solution based on the KN client.

MOSS My Site has no notion of people outside the organization. This is where KN can help. Not only does the KN client figure out who you know in the organization but it also captures external contacts that you have relationships with. So KN adds the concept of “External Contacts” to your My Site.

Finally, the My Site provides something called the “In Common” web part. This is a very cool feature. Any time you look at another person’s My Site, you will see things that you have in common such as Colleagues in common and DL memberships in common. Since KN helps you add a deep list of colleagues and keywords to your profile, the in common information you see when viewing other people’s My Sites is much richer."

From the KN team point of view, the My Site and KN are complementary. The challenge is that KN isn't yet available and once it is released it will be a "Technical Preview". For people looking to get started today, the My Site functions are going to be the best place to start with KN as a complement later on.

For more information, consider the Knowledge Network forum on TechNet.