My interest in this new approach to enterprise software begain a while back. Harry Pierson and I talked over a year about about the convergence of Enterprise and Web 2.0. Since I work with customers that are focused on solving problems based on these technologies I decided to start a blog on this topic after Mix06 last year. During that time, I've spent a lof of time with customers focused on the deployment of MOSS and improving their ability to collaborate while integrating their LOB applications into those same tools.

Over the long term though, I found that I couldn't maintain the momentum on the blogging despite the interesting work that was ongoing. I kept up with Dion Hinchcliffe and others that were talking about this topic but was mostly silent on my end. As I'm ramping up on this subject again, I decided to dig up some of the old posts and reread them. This post from Harry is a good starting point for those that are new to thinking about this Enterprise/Web convergence and Microsoft's role. Harry has since changed jobs and I'm not sure that this is in his focus any longer, but at the time he had some very interesting ideas on this subject.