Interesting post over at The Obvious on Enterprise 2.0. The “Enterprise 2.0″ concept takes so many different forms, but this post implies the use of lightweight collaboration tools (web-based of course) that can be managed (mostly) by the end users. Here’s an excerpt:

“The 100% guaranteed easiest way to do Enterprise 2.0?


And then your bright, thoughtful and energetic staff will do it for you. Trouble is they will do it outside your firewall on bulletin boards, instant message exchanges personal blogs and probably on islands in Second Life and you will have lost the ability to understand it, influence it, and integrate it into how you do business.

The second easiest way is to find ways of allowing this to happen inside the firewall which can be as simple as sticking in some low cost or free tools and then making sure your existing organisation can:


The challenge with this approach is that you can end up with a ton of tools that contain corporate data, some heavily used, others with limited benefit, and most of them flying under the radar screen of corporate IT.

I think this is why the “enterprise mash up” concept is the most compelling approach to Enterprise 2.0. You want the demand side of this equation (users) to be empowered to use/consume their tools in ways that the suppliers (corporate IT) never really envisioned. Otherwise you just have random wikis, blogs, discussion tools, and Pipes-style feeds tools that don’t necessarily provide benefits that are scalable and consistent with the information goals for the company. 

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