Well, there’s a lot of SharePoint information out there but how do I keep up with this ocean of information?

Of course there are several ways but one that has worked for me is to use this technologies together.

imageOk, first you (and several other people) updates their twitter right? Yes, but there’s no way I can follow everyone who talks about SharePoint and even if I could they talk about other things that I don’t really care.

Yup, this can be a mess, but some guys came up with a convention, and that is to add a prefix (#) in my updates prior to the word that marks the subject of the update. Maybe I can write this:

Configuring the profile import in #SharePoint, we'll need that to extract user data, I'm most interested in the sip address. Let's get dirty

Alright now I can mark those tweets that are related to #SharePoint (or some other subject for that matter).

imageBut where can I take a look at all those #SharePoint updates? You go to the hashtags.org site and you search for your tag, or for short you can just head to the following url:


As you can see there are a lot of #SharePoint updates from several people and you can subscribe to all these flow of information; It’s in the atom format so you can use it with most feed readers. And the url to subscribe to it would be:


imageBut how do hashtags know about my updates?

Well, they have to be “following” you… and how do I get in their following list? easy, you have to follow them, shortly after this they will follow you. For me it was like a couple hours later.

Update: Actually I was reviewing some friend's case and it turns out that she hadn't hashtags in her following list but she had a pair of tweets detected by the hashtags site. My guess is that it detects tweets from the public timeline. Do you have any comment?

I hope you find this useful, it’s been for me and it’ll be far more useful if more people start using it, right now Hashtags is following only 35,877 people


Of course you can just replace #SharePoint with another tag, for example #grammys is a very popular tag these days.