I just posted the code to a managed framework for developing Internet Explorer Browser Modules on GotDotNet.  It allows one to write Browser Helper Objects (BHOs) using C#.  There have been several example on how to do this including on support.microsoft.com, but no framework that I have seen.  So I decided to create a framework for this!

There are several examples:

1) Random Home Page - Allows you to configure a series of urls as your default home page.  It will select one at random in the list as the starting point and then cycle through them.

2) Logging - Keep track of the sites that you visit.  This logs your activity to a local SQL Server 2005.  I hope to creating enhanced phishing filters based on the information it collects.

I have only posted source code for the moment.  I will try to create an installer so that one can install the modules that they would like to install.

Check it out! 

Internet Explorer Browser Module Framework