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October, 2006

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About Richard Berg

Hi, I'm Richard.  I work on developer & lifecycle tools at Microsoft's secret underground campus near Durham, NC.

That's enough for this page.  See: http://del.icio.us/richardberg/me

(Q: what the hell is that avatar?  A: it's the Blue Devil mascot 'surfing' on me and my fellow DUMBBones)

  • BUGBUG: poor title

    TFS Version Control Concepts 0: Vocabulary

    To summarize the goals laid out in my reintroduction , I want a chance to start my TFVC "story" from the beginning while laying a conceptual groundwork sturdy enough for our most complicated features. What is the beginning? Well, I assume you have an...
  • BUGBUG: poor title

    An introduction, 1350 posts later

    On the Microsoft forums , that is...no, I didn't suddenly eclipse Raymond . As you probably haven't noticed, this blog has lain dormant for 18 months. (if blog with no readers falls by the wayside, does it make a sound?) Meanwhile, the last 11 months...
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