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January, 2007

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About Richard Berg

Hi, I'm Richard.  I work on developer & lifecycle tools at Microsoft's secret underground campus near Durham, NC.

That's enough for this page.  See: http://del.icio.us/richardberg/me

(Q: what the hell is that avatar?  A: it's the Blue Devil mascot 'surfing' on me and my fellow DUMBBones)

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    DST 2007 issues in SourceSafe

    The rules for U.S. daylight savings time are changing in 2007 . SourceSafe cares about time zones, so you should too. Complete details are in KB article 931804 . To quote one section heading, " If you do not update the servers and client computers, you...
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    SourceSafe on Vista part 2

    I want to expand on the Microsoft support lifecycle policy I mentioned before. To reiterate, VSS 2005 gets "mainstream" support for quite some time while 6.0 will enter "extended" this July. I won't repeat everything in the support doc (read it!). Bottom...
  • BUGBUG: poor title

    Clarifying SourceSafe support on Vista

    Amid all the furor over Whidbey SP1 and the forthcoming Vista GDR , there hasn't been any statement on what it all means for SourceSafe users. Rest assured we have some official KB articles in the works. But I think it's important to share this info with...
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