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November, 2007

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About Richard Berg

Hi, I'm Richard.  I work on developer & lifecycle tools at Microsoft's secret underground campus near Durham, NC.

That's enough for this page.  See: http://del.icio.us/richardberg/me

(Q: what the hell is that avatar?  A: it's the Blue Devil mascot 'surfing' on me and my fellow DUMBBones)

  • BUGBUG: poor title

    List of SourceSafe bugfixes updated

    Just a quick note to let you know that I've updated the list again. To recap: you can get fixes #1-57 today via the CTP build. English only, I'm afraid. The final GDR ships later this year in all supported languages (English, Japanese, French, Italian...
  • BUGBUG: poor title

    VS 2008 users: remember to download the SourceSafe CTP

    You've probably all seen Soma's announcement that the 2008 suite of products officially shipped this morning. Good luck downloading -- our servers are pegged :) If you plan to use VS 2008 with SourceSafe, make sure to pick up the Update CTP too. Without...
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