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  • Blog Post: PowerShell example: adding items from a changeset to a label

    A recent request : "I want to be able to add a label to all files that were modified/added/whatever as part of a changeset." Sounds like a job for PowerShell! function label- changeset ( [ string ] $ serverName , [ string ] $ labelName , [ int ] $ changeset = $ (throw 'Usage : label- changeset <server>...
  • Blog Post: add-types.ps1 - poor man's "using" for PowerShell

    One thing that's missing from PowerShell is the ability to import foreign namespaces into the current context. That leads to a lot of typing at the interactive prompt and bloated hard-to-read lines in your scripts. For example, even if you've loaded the TFS client assemblies, you still have to write...
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