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  • Blog Post: VS 2008 users: remember to download the SourceSafe CTP

    You've probably all seen Soma's announcement that the 2008 suite of products officially shipped this morning. Good luck downloading -- our servers are pegged :) If you plan to use VS 2008 with SourceSafe, make sure to pick up the Update CTP too. Without it, some features like "Open from Source Control...
  • Blog Post: Intro to Solution Binding in TFS, plus bonus FAQ

    Solution Explorer isn't working the way I expect. How do I fix it? In TFS, the answer is usually quite simple, because TFS uses workspaces to do most of the dirty work. So if you're familiar with our workspace model, a quick behind-the-scenes tour of solution binding should equip you to solve most problems...
  • Blog Post: SourceSafe users, update your bookmarks! Alin Constantin's homepage has moved

    Power users should be familiar with the great work Alin did during his time on the SourceSafe team. He was one of the most active forum participants and compiled a great set of tips on his personal website . Not to mention his extensive development on the product itself. Until now, his website was...
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