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  • Blog Post: TFS Team Project whitepaper

    As promised , we finally have some guidance around structuring team projects. What can you do within a team project? What can you migrate between projects? Which settings are global, which are scoped only to Team Projects, and which can be broken into their own hierarchies? Doug Neumann reveals all ...
  • Blog Post: TFS Branch & Merge whitepaper plus recommended links

    It's finally here! Our first real guidance on branching & merging has been posted, on a Codeplex wiki no less. I reviewed several drafts of the paper, but the real credit goes to Mario for driving our (the product group's) side of the process. Congrats to him, the UE team, and the VSTS Rangers on...
  • Blog Post: When your feature hits the blogosphere: SCM and the Windows Shutdown crapfest

    Moishe Lettvin has a great blog entry , an inside look at how a Vista feature ate thousands of man-hours on its way to the lowest common denominator. I don't mind the UI myself (and certainly won't justify Joel's histrionics with a link) but it does illustrate several common pitfalls in large-scale software...
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