For those of you who keep track of such things, we just passed a milestone with  They're now running the entire site live on ASP.NET 2.0 (Whidbey).  As I posted earlier, the Download Center has been running ASP.NET 2.0 since June.  Since then, the MNP team has been working hard to upgrade all of their XSL templates and test with the multitude of content providers that publish using MNP. 

The current site is pretty much a port of the existing MNP application but Whidbey opens up the door for simpler development in future releases.  For example, much of the functionality they previously had to build for themselves - using master pages to separate code and content, for example -is available out of the box in ASP.NET 2.0.

I can't say enough how much helps us make sure that products like IIS and ASP.NET are ready for our customers.  They're a demanding environment, considering the volume of page traffic handled, the load they put on their servers (along with consolidations and tweaking to improve efficiencies) and their diligence in maintaining near flawless uptime.  All of that in an environment where there's a huge target painted on the site for DDoS attacks and other miscellaneous probes every day.

Next time you're at TechEd, check out the talks given by their operations team (Chris St. Amand, Jeff Stucky, Jim Dobbin or Jeffrey Johnson).   There's always a wealth of practical knowledge from these guys.