Hello everyone.  I wanted to drop a quick post to ensure you all knew about a beta release available for a Solution Accelerator made by Microsoft for the community (Security Compliance Manager).  For those of you that don’t know about this great Solution Accelerator, please see the TechNet article referenced at the bottom of this post which will provide you with both the current details, as well as point you to the beta release currently available (as of Sept. 9th, 2012).  Check it out!  Best of all, it is completely free and 100% supported by Microsoft.



Key Updates Coming to SCM 3.0

The Microsoft Solution Accelerators team just released the Security Compliance Manager 3.0 (SCM 3.0) for beta download! The new release includes security compliance baselines for many new Microsoft products:

  • Windows Server 2012
  • Windows 8
  • Internet Explorer 10

What does it do?

The library of settings in SCM 3.0 enable you to customize your own baselines with settings not included in the built-in baselines. Use these new resources to define your baselines, meet your business-critical needs, and elevate the security of Windows Server 2012, Windows 8, and Internet Explorer 10 in your environment.


Where Can I Download It?

To download the beta release of the SCM 3.0 join the project on Microsoft Connect https://connect.microsoft.com/site715/InvitationUse.aspx?ProgramID=7831&InvitationID=SCM3-XDK9-9QDB

Benefits of Security Compliance Manager

SCM is a free tool from the Microsoft Solution Accelerators team that enables you to quickly configure and manage your computers whether their located on desks, in traditional datacenter, or in a private cloud using Group Policy and Microsoft® System Center Configuration Manager. To learn more about the Security Compliance Manager, visit the TechNet Library http://go.microsoft.com/fwlink/?LinkId=113940

Please send any questions or comments to the Solution Accelerators Security Team: Secwish@microsoft.com

Solution Accelerators background information


The Microsoft Assessment and Planning Toolkit, Microsoft Deployment Toolkit, and Security Compliance Manager provide tested guidance and automated tools to help you plan, securely deploy, and manage new Microsoft technologies—easier, faster, and at less cost. All are freely available, and fully supported by Microsoft.